You were meant to do more with your life. I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now. So let me ask you a question: When you step outside your door, and enter into the world, what version of yourself are you bringing? Do people see a well-rested, put-together person? Or do they see a tired, stressed out soul who is desperately reaching out for something more? If you see yourself as the second person, Embrace Change Yoga is here for you!

Embrace Change Yoga uses your body to change your mind. As founder and CEO, Dafina Lovelace takes you through our yoga programs, you will transcend into the unknown and discover your true potential and power. With this training, many of our clients begin to live intentionally and embark on a life full of purpose.

Still need convincing? Read further and learn how Embrace Change Yoga can help you!

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a philosophy, an art, and a science. It is strength, compassion, power, and love. Yoga pushes you into an awakening. It will make you self-aware. It is your connector and union between your mind, body, and soul. It is the breaths between what you want and what you have. Yoga is soft and subtle. Yoga is beauty and grace. And Yoga was meant for you…

Yoga Is More than Just an Exercise…

As told by Patanjali, the eightfold path is called ashtanga, which literally means “eight limbs.” Each stage prepares you for the next stage. The eight limbs of yoga are:

Yama – the first stage, deals with one’s ethical standards and sense of integrity, focusing on your behavior and how we conduct ourselves in life.

Niyama – the second stage, has to do with self-discipline and spiritual observances.

Asana – the postures practiced in yoga comprise the third limb.

Pranayam – Generally translated as “breath control,” this fourth stage consists of techniques designed to gain mastery over the respiratory process while recognizing the connection between the breath, the mind, and the emotions.

These first four stages of Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga concentrate on refining our personalities, gaining mastery over the body, and developing an energetic awareness of ourselves.

Pratyahara – the fifth limb, means withdrawal or sensory transcendence.

Dharana – The sixth stage, is concentration.

Dhyana – Meditation or contemplation, the seventh stage of ashtanga, is the uninterrupted flow of concentration.

Samadhi – the eighth and final stage of ashtanga, a state of ecstasy.

While most people are introduced to yoga merely through the physical asana (exercise) practice, there is a more profound experience one can attain from the practice of yoga. If you are willing, I’d love to show you everything yoga has to offer.

As you connect with me throughout my site, we will go on a journey together, our destination, true internal happiness.