About Me

Dafina ‘The Angel Of Change’ Lovelace

Dafina is more than just a yoga instructor. As a self-sufficient go-getter, she has kept her eyes on one target…changing the lives of business professionals across the world. She used to be like you—tired, stressed out, and working diligently to excel in her workplace and make a difference in the world. But over time, her big dreams and tenacious nature weren’t enough. Something was missing…

While on a walk, Dafina came across a hidden oasis between two large skyscrapers. It was a yoga studio. She’ll never forget what happened next. It was like she met herself for the very first time. During class, Dafina was able to let go and allow her mind and body to come together and make beautiful things happen. All the stress, frustration, and worry that accompany the “rat race” were gone, just like that. To make things even better, Dafina experienced a level of playfulness she had long forgotten. Yoga helped Dafina rediscover her resilience and self-worth, while strengthening her mind and body in ways she never knew existed. And she would like to do the same for you.

Dafina has been practicing yoga for 17 years. Since her first encounter with this essential art form, she has launched her mobile yoga studio, and works with companies and career women who are missing that crucial work/life balance. She would love to share with you more about her knowledge of yoga, what it means to be a heart-minded leader.