Sleep Better: 3 Tips On How To Sleep Through The Night

I have to brag for a moment.

I slept for 8 hours straight for four consecutive nights!

This is amazing and  so out of the norm for me!

But so wonderful for me.

Two words: Sleep Hygiene



I have taken on the responsibility of nurturing myself and my focus has been on improving my sleep.

My routine is simple.

1) Rinse off the day.  Each night take a shower to rinse off the day. This physical practice of releasing the stress of the day is key to promoting my relaxation.

2) Journal your thoughts to clear your head.  Most nights this is quick and easy. Some nights, there are a lot of things troubling my mind carried over from my full-time job, launching my business, preparing to become a mom, so much to think about. But laying and bed trying to fall asleep and pondering over unfinished business just isn’t conducive to sleep. So I get it out.

3) Leave the cell phone in the other room.  I’ve begun leaving my mobile phone in the bathroom, thanks Ryan. There is something about the accessibility of the phone that is distracting. Studies have shown that mobile phone screens emit a blue light that keeps the body awake, and mobile phone and other electronics emit positive ions which  adversely affect health and mood, and can contribute symptoms of stress such as insomnia, fatigue, and depression.

See short and simple.

Perhaps, if you are sleeping less than 7 hours a night, you should implement a sleep hygiene challenge.

I have woken up refreshed and before my morning alarm goes off!

… and my creativity is off-the-charts!

As an aside, I also have eliminated caffeine and alcohol from my diet (not conducive to pregnancy), I don’t drink liquids about 2 hours before bed (limits the nighttime bathroom visit), and I put a Himalayan salt lamp in my bedroom which emits negative ions to counter any positive ions in my bedroom.

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