Seeding Your Intentions

Seeding Your Intentions

A nighttime routine for starting each morning off with a win. 

Seeds To Roots & Shoots

One’s ability to have a winning day begins the night before.  

When the day’s activities of observing, hearing, speaking and doing have subsided for the brain, mind, soul, and subconscious can begin processing the event of the day. Reflecting on right and wrong, planning for future triumphs or despair.  

So what if you plant seeds of thoughts, mantras (“man” which means mind and “tra” which derives from the word “trayate” or to free so mind free) to move forward on the path of an extraordinary life, seeding your subconscious with the outcomes that you’d like to embody the next day, week, year.  Stating your bedtime intentions can be the key to a night of restful sleep and a fruitful morning full of energy and an “I Can, I Will, I Did” attitude.

Making a habit of seeding the intention for the next day allows you to achieve the next day’s goals with more ease, opening your eyes to ways you are currently winning at life and the future opportunities that coming for you.  

Use the power of your words, as so many have done in fiction: “Open Sesame”; religion: “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light”; philosophy: “We hold these truths to be self-evident..” and much more.

The following is a mindful nighttime routine to set you up for the most extraordinary night of rest and a day, week, month, year and life that’s bigger than you could imagine.


Step 1: Say one or all of the following affirmations (can be used before rest and when you rise in the morning or during any other time of the day when you need a mental reset)


Daily Affirmations To Super Grow Your Intentions (by Mimi Williams):

  • I am cool, calm, confident and collected.
  • Every day in every way my life gets better and better.
  • When I ask it is always given because the universe always says yes!
  • I am healthy, slim, trim, flexible and toned.
  • I am now attracting all the money that I desire and deserve easily and effortlessly.
  • I am a dynamic, successful and prosperous individual always attracting what I desire and deserve.
  • I am whole, perfect, complete, powerful, prosperous, loving, harmonious, loved, and happy.

Step 2: State your intention to seed your subconscious before sleeping.

Nighttime Intention to Seed Your Subconscious:

  • I am going to bed tonight at the perfect time. I will get plenty of rest, exactly what I need to perform at a peak level tomorrow. When I wake up tomorrow at __:__ AM I will be winning from the time my eyes open. I will hop out of bed feeling energized, rewarded for planting the seeds of success in my mind, body, and soul, and living on the path of an extraordinary life.


This routine should take up less than 1% of your total day, approximate 1 minute. Time yourself the first time and take note of your attitude and the outcomes the next day.


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