Hello, My Name Is Dafina, I Am Enough, and I Know That You Are Enough Too!

Hello, My Name Is Dafina, I Am Enough, and I Know That You Are Enough Too!

Apologies for the long post, but just for a moment, if you read no further than this paragraph, take a deep breath – inhale slowly and exhale slowly – and repeat the title of this post to yourself (or out loud to a friend) replacing my name with yours. Ok. Done. Did you know that you are enough?

Now you can choose, read on or like & share the post and go about your day …

Last week I shared a post where I opened up about asking myself what I would regret not doing in 10 years.

Two big answers came up as things I would regret:
…one, which I wrote about last week was not having children;
…the other, would be not running my own (successful) business.

In deciding that having my own business was important to me, I realized I had to be in touch with my internal motivation of ‘why’ (more so than money) in order to see my business through the ups and downs.

When I sat down and thought about ‘WHO AM I HERE TO SERVE’ and journaled about it this is what I came up with….

I coach students, professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and use their gifts in the way they choose so that they become legendary leaders; my tool of choice is yoga.

For many years I have had to justify, to myself, how my role at any corporate hustle was helping the greater good, the people I cared about, people like members of my family (family by blood, family by oath (OO-oop to my DST sorors!), and family by choice).

Recently, I began to realize that I didn’t need to have six degrees of separation between what I do and the people I want to serve.
With the launch of Embrace Change Yoga, I am finally working towards my passion and purpose so that I can serve my ideal client.

As I walk this path towards freedom, there is a lot of internal work that needs to take place so that I show up authentically because for so long I was unable to be my authentic self.

Or so I believed.

Or was it that this is what I was told to my face and behind my back.

I use to believe I couldn’t be emotional, empathetic, silly, funny, goofy, smart, have feelings, or be excited and show it!

Have you heard this from your managers, supervisors, and bosses?

Over my career, in life, and in love I’ve needed to shift who I was, wear masks, and repress parts of me in order to fit into the environments and relationship, I found myself in.

I was led to believe that there was some competition taking place between me and my colleagues for which I was not ‘enough’.

However, there is no competition in the world I choose to inhabit. (This is a tweetable!)

There are so many people in this world that are in search of the talents and gifts that you and I provide.

And each of us has our own ideal client, our own voice, our own message and our journey which speaks to their ideal client; my life is as unique as everyone else’s, and so is yours.

I am fundamentally sharing and teaching a mindset shift and using yoga as the primary medium by which I share.

Ideally, I want to see a paradigm shift where women of color are no longer working twice as hard to get 60-70% of the recognition and pay that they deserve.

I want to see women of color release their imposter syndrome ( that feeling of I hope they don’t find out that I am not as good as I think I am, but I really am that good, I am just afraid to admit it) and show up authentically, powerfully, and confidently to share their gifts and talents and be rewarded equitably for it.

I want to see the men, women, and children in urban communities decrease their stress, tap into their power, and unleash their unlimited potential.

And this is all possible, I believe, through yoga.

That’s why I’ve created… my brand new Like A Yoga Boss 7-Week Intensive that will show you how you can decrease stress, rest your mindset and use yoga to change the way you work, lead, and live. In this course, I take you through my 7 step process for tapping into your power and unleashing your potential so you can live the life of your dreams. It starts October 1st and goes through November 17th.

If this sounds like something you need to change the way you work, lead, and live… send me a message right here on this blog post and we can schedule a time to chat more about the details!

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