21 Ways To Nurture Yourself

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend, Tennille Clark of PrettyandPerched.com, she’s a body positive blogger and life coach.

We meet every week to hold each other accountable for our business progress.

This week she asked me, so how are you going to nurture yourself.

As I thought about it and outside of doing yoga, meditating, journaling and reciting affirmation everyday I realized I don’t do much to nurture myself.



I do a lot to accomplish my goals at work and with my business, but goals are not altogether nurturing.

Goals satisfy my thinking part of my Self, nurturing satisfies the feeling part of Self.

So here is my new and improved 2016 list of ways to nurture myself. I’d love to hear some of the ways you nurture yourself, as you can see I need some new ideas!

1. Burning incense. I love the smell of nag champra and sage.

2. Taking a relaxing, soaking bath with epsom salt and bubbles. I like for Calgon to take me away.

3. Being on the beach!

4. Dancing like no one is watching.

5. A glass of wine while in the tub.

6. Reading good fiction!

7. Eating crabs.

8. Coloring books. Painting. Drawing my cartoon/caricature faces.

9. Giving myself a facial. Clean, exfoliate, steam, mask, tone, and moisturize.

10. Listen to music.

11. Take something apart. I was banned from doing this as a kid because I wasn’t great at the next item on the list.

12. Build something or try to put back together what I’ve taken apart. LOL.

13. Giving myself a mani & pedi.

14. Rolling around on my foam roller or exercise ball.

15. Playing with make-up.

16. Science experiments!!!! I made play-doh once, I was like 11 at the time, but I remember it was fun!

17. Playing the piano. Throw back to my younger years, i haven’t done this in years but think about it often!

18. Writing creative stories/imagining! I took a writing class recently and it was fun!

19. Do a jigsaw puzzle. Tangible, not digital.

20. swinging on swings

21. people watching.
What are some of the ways you nurture yourself? Send me a note I’d love to add to my own list!!

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