Celebrate You!

October is my birthday month, and (if you live in a changing season climate) a time when the leaves begin to change.

I love birthday’s.

It’s a time for celebration of your life!

Just think for many of us by the time we turned one year old we had learned to crawl, walk, eat solid foods, how to manipulate adults with our cries, maybe even speak a couple of words.


Now as you enter your 30’s, 40’s, and beyond… how much more have you learned and done! But I digress…

October is also the time of performance appraisals in many organizations.

Rather than wait for someone outside of myself to pat me on the back, I am fond of doing this myself.

My advice is to use this season of change to do an annual review, express gratitude for all that I’ve accomplished, decide what habits, behaviors, values, and people I might want leave behind and plan for the future.

Knowing your strengths is key to deciding what to leave behind, and where to focus your energy.

Celebrate Your Strengths rather than Focusing On Your Weaknesses?

I really dislike this concept of continuously working on my weaknesses that many  organizations and managers have.  I am much more interested in taking on tasks and roles that align with my strengths.

Doesn’t that just sound logical?

So in this season of change, I wanted to invite you to celebrate your strengths by taking the VIA Survey of Character Strengths  survey to learn where and how you ROCK if you don’t already know!

Your own annual review workbook.  Now that you know where your natural strengths lie, use this information to complete your free annual review.

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