DIVA Work: How Checking An Item Off Of My Bucket List Helped Me To Release Trauma From The Past

DIVA (Divinely Inspired and Victoriously Anointed) Work -Sheryl Lee Ralph, Redefining DIVA.

I did it!

I finally made it to Savannah, GA, and Tybee Island!

Here’s the thing, the last time I attempted to drive to Savannah was in 2014. One hour into the trip, my car was rear-ended and totaled with me and a friend in the car.  So, as you might imagine, I had some reservations about attempting this trip again.  

Back in 2014, I masked my fear of taking this trip alone, with the desire to help a friend get out and explore the area.

This time around, I almost made the same mistake inviting another friend to take the trip with me. However, my friend backed out at the last minute, and I think it was meant to be that I take this journey alone.

I was on my own.


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With bags packed and in the trunk, I was ready physically but still had some reservations and fear lingering.  Fear of another car accident.  

I had taken trips by myself before (to Paris and London) so I didn’t worry about being alone.  But me being in control of a vehicle for 265 miles somehow scared me.  

The effects of the previous trauma’s were still causing physical and mental stress, placing limits on my possibilities. But I was unwilling to let fear control me.  

I had made the declaration months after my last car accident in 2014 that “I AM DONE WITH CAR ACCIDENTS”, so now it was time to walk in my intention (well in this case drive).

I decided that I wanted to make it all the way to the coast of GA. I love the beach. And I wanted to spend time creating my perfect day and having a productive and inspired workcation.

This wasn’t a trip that took me months to plan. I was inspired by two influential people in my life: my prayer partner and my mentor.

My mentor told me about her upcoming workcation trip to Bali. At present, I didn’t have Bali time or money, but I was excited to try this idea of getting away from my everyday space to work on my business in a space that inspired me.  

Additionally, my prayer partner wanted to know how I just go off and do things on my own. So, I figured I’d show her.  Although she dropped out at the last minute, I realized that I was meant to take this trip alone.

This trip was part of my healing process from the trauma of the past.  

Outcomes of My Journey: Releasing fear. Crossing an item off my bucket list. Living out my perfect day. Executing my first workcation for my business. And ceasing the search for someone to take this journey with me.

So if you are someone looking to experience similar outcomes, I hope my actions serve as inspiration. Here are the steps I took:


  • Define your perfect day. Does your perfect day include a beach like me, hiking, or perhaps a mountain retreat? No need to confer with anyone on this, it’s personal. Write it out!
  • Create a bucket-list. A list of what you want to learn, do, or experiene, and the places you want to see before you “Kick The Bucket” (DIE). No need to have regrets at the end of your days!


  • Pick a location off of my bucket list, even if it scared me! I selected a nearby destination (baby steps) from my bucket list which fit my perfect day criteria.
  • Pack a bag for my perfect day scenario! My bag included bathing suits and sundresses, so I wasn’t going hiking! I packed my bag Friday morning and planned to hit the road that afternoon. But didn’t know exactly where I just knew it needed to include a beach!
  • Use a website like Trip Advisor to avoid seedy, unsavory accommodations, and find locations within my price range.  You can also use a site like Innclusive or VRBO to find other housing options.
  • Put the address of my accommodations in the GPS.
  • Plan to leave midday to avoid traffic.
  • Hit the road!
  • Once I arrive, I left my bags in the car and checked out my accommodations. I had to make sure it was someplace I was willing to sleep.
  • Begin my perfect day the night before with dinner and setting the intention. I had dinner by myself, I sat at the bar, and visualized all the things I wanted to do on my trip.  Yoga and meditation on the beach, an umbrella and beach chair, and getting the color of my legs to match the color of my face (this is a real problem).
  • Wake up and start living out my perfect day.


  • Don’t stop! If you get nervous and think of just staying in the room, don’t! Keep going. You’ve made it this far, you have established a track record of winning.

My trip also included working on my business, and I was lucky enough to find a spot on the pier overlooking the ocean.  

The work I did on my business was “DIVA” Work; Divinely Inspired and Victoriously Anointed -Sheryl Lee Ralph, Redefining DIVA.

I focused on putting thoughts on paper and creating content that is indicative of the value I bring to my clients.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

During my trip, I think I had a permanent smile planted across my face.  

I enjoyed every moment of the trip. Even the most mundane things, such as buying sunscreen, brought me joy because I was taking care of myself and not waiting on anyone else to do it for me!

This was a FREEDOM trip for me.  

I have been working on releasing the trauma of the past, making better decisions for myself, and not asking others for permission. This getaway was action taken in the direction of the change I want to see in my life.

Outcomes Of My Journey: Releasing fear. Crossing an item off my bucket list. Living out my perfect day. Executing my first workcation for my business. And ceasing the search for someone to take this journey with me.

Perhaps you are looking to embrace your change and need some support in doing so?  

If you would like to explore partnering with a coach to help you embrace your change and live the life you are working so hard to create, but not seeing materialize,  I invite you to sign up for a complimentary Embrace Your Change discovery session with me. Sign up at workwithdafina.com


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