Meeting My “friend-in-my-head” In Real Life!

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet an author I had come to highly regard, Valarie Burton. She’s been a “friend/mentor-in-my-head” for years!

I was gifted her book, Listen To Your Life, by my b-school roommate.

The book and the author left an impression on me so much so that I began following her on Facebook; I often like and share her posts.


Investing in yourself

When I saw that she was hosting an event in Atlanta. I hemmed and hawed at making the investment but eventually I decided to invest in myself and my business with an author, speaker and coach that I admired.

And Oh Boy am I glad I did!

It was an intimate event, even with 65 people.

I met great and inspiring women; some I will reach out to for lunch or tea and further conversations by the end of the week. Hold me accountable, ok?

Trust your intuition
Now before I arrived at the event my intuition told me two things: 1- I would see someone I know at the event and 2- that I would be called up to the stage. I went to the event which was all day Saturday and Sunday without any other expectation other than improving my skill set.

I ran into my good friend, Ayanna, who is a member of my mastermind group. We didn’t know we had both signed up for the event. And I was invited to the stage to get one-on-one focused laser coaching with Valarie herself!


My friend-in-my-head and I sitting across from one another, eye-to-eye, knee-to-knee, discussing my mission and purpose!


What a breakthrough I experienced.  There was emotion, pain and eye sweats (from me), and tears (from her).

Boy! I am so glad I listened to my life and made this investment in me.

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