The Story Behind the Launch of Embrace Change Yoga

After I hung out my shingle (in the day and age of the internet, I basically sent out my business launch email notice) I received many congratulations (thanks folks!) and quite a few questions. Inquisitive friends, family and colleagues asked a slew of questions including:

  • What’s the story behind this?
  • What sparked the launch of your business, and a yoga business at that?
  • What does this all mean? Have you quit your job?
  • Are you doing this as a full-time venture?
  • Are you only looking for clients in Atlanta?

So, I’ve decided to answer these questions and give you all a glimpse at what was/is going on in my mind and the reason for this shift of focus, exploration of my personal passions, and use of yoga as a tool for transformation of whole beingness.  I invite you to hear my thoughts on the gifts that I have to share with other professionals that are interested in whole beingness, alignment, and transformation.

Play the podcast below or click the following link to access the audio: The Story Behind the Launch of Embrace Change Yoga


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