What are you grateful for?

The picture below is after the Spiritual Spa Day that I participated in this weekend with my mentor.  Thanks to this event, I’ve decided that instead of asking people ‘How are you doing?’ I will start asking ‘What are you grateful for?’

So, what are you grateful for?

I know sounds a little weird, right… different, and unfamiliar. That’s kind of like a new yoga pose you might try. It brings up unfamiliar and somewhat icky feelings at first. This type of change in approach takes work.

It’s a different way of speaking and thinking about salutations, greetings, and just-checking-in…

It requires both of us to pause, it requires thought on behalf of the person asked and patience on behalf of the person asking. It requires listening and caring for yourself (when asked) and others (when asking).

So often, we race past one another with the ‘Hey, how’re ya doin” rarely pausing for an answer.  Rarely caring about how that person is doing.

My suggestion is to give it a try at least 3 times.

I think, rather I feel like it’s time we took a moment to pause and care about one another.

This simple question ignites a positive shift in the thought process of the person being asked. You could potentially change the day for someone you come in contact with this one simple act of kindness.

Speaking of mental shifts and change, did you sign-up for the Midday Meditation Challenge yet? 10 of the 50 spots have already been claimed. Sign-up now and I’ll see you next Monday!

Give it a try on yourself. Ask yourself, ‘What are you grateful for?’ (That’s 1, just two more people to go!)

Also, as in yoga and as with yourself, try not to judge the answer received. Perhaps just say “thanks for sharing”.

So hit reply and let me know, What are you grateful for? Having a hard time thinking of something to be grateful for, I’d like to know that too.

Don’t forget to sign-up for the Midday Meditation Challenge!

Embrace Your Change,

BTW, the Midday Meditation Experience is only 20-minutes long! And dare I say, it chock-full of yummy goodness 🙂

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