ECY: 2016 Year End Meditation Challenge

Hey there Yoga Bosses!!

Can you believe it’s already November!?

Roughly 61 days until we say so long 2016 and hello 2017!

I’m wondering where has the year gone? wWhat have I accomplished? And how do I end the year mindfully and not mind full-y?


As I stand in this moment, I look ahead at the possibilities and opportunities that 2017 will bring, and I reflect on with some tension the events that have occurred over the past year.

But mostly I am thinking (perhaps worrying unnecessarily)…

The holidays are coming are here?

It’s Q4 crunch time for my employer, and I manage a sales team who’s goals for December are twice what they were any other month of the year.

Oh, and did I mention that my baby is due to arrive December of 2016!

November and December have the potential to be very stressful for a lot of us.

I know, that if I don’t take time for my self-care and well-being by following my morning and my sleep routine, the weight of what is to come could leave me down for the count both emotionally, physically and psychologically.

So, I am being intentional about staying accountable to my routine and I’d love it if you join me!


My (ideal) routine is…

In the AM yoga, meditation, journaling and affirmations in the AM.

In the evenings: shower, journal, meditate, and no electronics in the bedroom.

At a minimum for the remainder of the year, I want to ensure that I get in my meditation at least once per day.  Will you join me?

Whether it’s 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes I plan to get it in!

And I’ve been stalling on sharing this program with you for too long! Letting so many non-issues get in the way of putting this program out into the universe… my excuses have run the full spectrum

x What’s the right technology… facebook or LinkedIn or something else?

x How can I commit to delivering daily meditations online?

x It’s got to be perfect!

I allowed these thoughts to stop me from creating and launching this program… until now!


Don’t let perfect get in the way of better

No more wasting countless minutes, or hours, flipping through facebook, Instagram and the like especially if I haven’t meditated that day!

No more holding back on my desire to share such a rich and rewarding self-care practice.

I do have to give my awesome friend Nicki a big thank you for giving me the nudge to share this experience with you all. Lot of Love!

Here we go!


Nifty app to help track progress

To keep social media usage to a minimum during this period, I will be using an app called Insight Timer (available on android and ios) which does all the heavy lifting for us by providing a timer, guided meditations and a log of your progress. You can join the group Like A Yoga Boss : Embrace Change within the app for accountability and to share your ah-ha moments.

At times I may also share some of my favorite yoga, meditation, and mindfulness resources here on my blog, so be sure to join the mailing list.

So if you are in, just comment on this post to let me know, download the app and say hello!


Meditation isn’t hard!

But all new habits take time to feel familiar and well become a habit. Try at least three times before you throw in the meditation pillow.

My advice for meditating is as follows:

Find a somewhat, but not to comfortable place to sit. Don’t lay down!

Feet flat on the floor.

Palms in your lap or on your thighs.

Close your eyes.

Breath In.

Breath out.

Yeah, thoughts will pop-up in your mind, but don’t follow them down their twisted paths by thinking of them too hard.


Meditation visualization exercise

I like to visualize three boxes in front of me.

one box on the left marked past.

one box in the middle marked present.

and one box on the right marked future.

Any thoughts that come up just put in their respective boxes.

After a few breaths, I mentally grab a hold of the box marked present and focus on my inhale and exhale.


That’s it. Easy-peasy, nice and easy! Are you in?

I’m just an “Angel Of Change” asking YOU to hold me accountable to meditating every day for the rest of the year, and to possibly join me too… 🙂

So let me know if you are in!


P.S. If you have friends, colleagues or clients wrestling with lots of responsibilities and still only 24 hours in a day, forward this post! It could be the exact kind of encouragement they need to stay the course.

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