Midday Meditation Experience

I recently share a post on my blog about my plan to meditate every day until the end of the year, 2016 Year End Challenge, and I invited people to join me to participate.


Because in order to tune out the chaos, get clarity, be confident and courageous and execute on the plans within, we need to practice silence and mindfulness.

Later I realized that many people don’t feel like they know how to meditate. So, I am expanding this challenge to include a weekly online mid-day meditation session; you can claim your spot now.

Every Monday, beginning November 14 thru December 12, Embrace Change Yoga invites you to join in the Monday Midday Meditation Experience. We’ll start at 12:35pm ET and go until around 12:55pm ET. 20-minutes max, that’s all.

This will be a completely online experience with no prior experience required.

The meditation sessions will be offered live, and recordings will be sent out to those people that sign-up.

So schedule a meeting with yourself or reserve a conference room for next Monday starting at 12:30pm ET and ending at 1:00pm ET. Prepare your ‘Do Not Disturb, Meditating’ sign for your desk and CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW.

Wondering how taking a meditation break midday can be helpful to you? Check out the infographic below.



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