Need to reach a large audience? I also do speaking engagements! Listed below are my speaker topics.

Legendary Leaders: a heart centered approach to leadership

Mindful leadership can do wonderful things. It takes your strategy and vision and puts them into passion for your team. As a leader, it is your job to empower others through your words, deed, and actions. But how can you lead others if you have not invested in your own self-awareness? I believe the eight limbs of yoga provide leaders with the formula for doing the inner work which delivers better personal and professional results.

During your sessions with me, we’ll touch on these sections:


  • Discover how your V.A.B.E.s – Values, Attitudes, Beliefs and Experiences, shape your leadership style
  • Learn the eight stages of yoga and how to apply them into a heart-centered and spiritual leadership style
  • Define your perfect day and learn how to implement a personal wellness plan that encompasses components that will help you be present and stay engaged in every aspect of life Team-Engagement
  • Identify commonalities and engage team members at their level of consciousness
  • Find your unique way to engage your team

Journey to the boardroom: mindfully shift from Associate, to Manager, to Leader

Having a clear understanding of how you show up in various aspects of your life will enable you to understand why people do or do not follow you. Taking the time for self assessment and personal development will help you uncover ways to be a leader that is seen, heard, and promoted. In this lively, interactive, and mindset-shifting presentation, you will uncover seven ways to accelerate your career, including:

  • Developing a Do You mentality as you define your career path based on your diverse style, personal/professional interest and aptitude
  • Securing the leadership experience you need outside of your day job
  • Becoming an effective communicator both verbally and written
  • Calming your inner critic and diminishing negative thought patterns
  • Measuring your results and celebrating your wins daily
  • How to “pat yourself on the back” and stop waiting for others to do it
  • And mostly importantly, walking away with a daily wellness routine so you are always present and engaged in your life

If you’d like to receive a copy of my speaking packet or book Dafina to speak at your next live event/telesummit, email me at info@embracechangeyoga.com or call 646-397-3256.